It doesn't take a huge budget to go from blah to spectacular - just a little bit of imagination!


Our Services

All it takes is a vision to see the potential of giving new life and style to an existing space or to develop a new one. Not everyone can see the potential or envision a finished project. Beach Bum Chic Decor will help you develop a plan that works for you and your budget. We start with an initial consultation to gather information in order to formulate a plan. From there, you can execute it yourself or we can take it from beginning to end. It's totally up to you!

Beach Bum Chic Decor is a multi-service company providing many different options to achieve your project goals.

  • Decorating New and Existing Spaces

  • Remodeling and Updating Homes, Condos, Businesses

  • Project Management

  • Virtual Staging of New and Existing Spaces

  • Furniture Rehab

  • Project Consultation

  • Decorative Personal Shopping


Updating, Remodeling, New Projects

If your vision includes remodeling your home to gain extra space or open up a space, construction is necessary and Beach Bum Chic Decor will bring in licensed contractors to help facilitate the process. If you want to update existing spaces with paint, new countertops, cabinets etc., we can assist you with that as well. If you have your own contractor and simply need us to oversee your job as a project manager - we're good with that too! This is especially helpful to clients who live several hours away and need someone to coordinate the job.


Furniture Revival/Repurposing

Don't throw that piece of furniture away yet! It's amazing what a little paint technique can do to transform otherwise non-descript pieces into statement pieces with very little effort. Repurposing existing furniture is also a great way to not only salvage good pieces but also fill needs for extra storage or how about a built-in dry bar for entertaining?


Decorating, Virtual Staging, & Personal Shopping

Maybe you don't need a complete redo to bring a little magic into your home. We can develop a virtual staging using your existing furniture and items or new to show you what the end result will be so there are no surprises. Sometimes simply rearranging and relocating furniture from room to another and/or adding features to existing areas make a huge difference. Examples would be replacing traditional doors with barn doors, changing cabinet panels to glass, and adding floating shelves. All of these additions can give an immediate updated look. The possibilities are endless and they won't drain your bank account! We love to shop and will be happy to do it for you to change and update your decor. Drapes, rugs, furniture and furniture covers, art, and decorative items can totally transform your home. Beach Bum Chic Decor will sit down with you to make a plan for your new look and take care of purchasing and picking up those items for you.

“Beach Bum Chic Decor totally heard us when we gave them our budget and our expectations. Mary was a pleasure to work with and gave great ideas we would never have thought of!” CM